Are you feeling stressed out, tired and overwhelmed?


Do you spend time looking after everyone else?

Tired of juggling too many balls?

Family, friends, job are your first priority?

Can you even remember the last time you did something for yourself?

If you answered with Yes to even one of the above questions, then NOW is the TIME FOR YOU.

Time for a Goddess Playshop

Workshops for Womens Wellbeing

Unleash your Inner Star and DARE TO SHINE !!!


As a woman, we are always busy. Busy with family, busy with our careers, busy trying to make time to be with our friends. We often rank ourselves last on the list, exhausted at the end of our busy days.

We invite you now to join a Goddess Playshop.

A Goddess Playshop is where women of all ages and races, shapes and sizes come to connect with each other — and with the Goddess inside each and every one of us – in a safe and nurturing environment.  It’s empowering.  It’s exhilarating.  It can even be life-changing. 

After 3 hours attending a Goddess Playshop you will feel Rejuvanated, revitalised, rested, inspired and reconnected again with your true self, your authentic self

Your Inner Goddess

Here are what 2 wonderful women had to say after they experienced their first Goddess Playshop

“Amazing! I absolutely loved it and have also been deeply affected by it. Anyone who hasn’t done one, really needs to…you will walk away calm, relaxed, inspired, grateful, empowered and in a state of bliss! I would (and do) recommend a playshop to anyone even slightly intrigued…they’re so awesome ! Thanks for opening my eyes”

Megan McGrath – Hastings, Australia

“It was wonderful, I have never been so deeply affected by something. Lu, I thank you for that. My affimation has stayed with me and I am reminded of it right when I need it. Magic….”

Natasha Burd – Pearcedale, Australia

So what are you waiting for?

Get to know your inner goddess on an exciting and enlightening journey packed with insight, fun and a little bit of pampering. Join one of our Open Playshops run by a Goddess Playshops Facilitator in your area

From hen’s parties to company bonding events, it’s the ultimate way to get your girls exploring, sharing and celebrating. Gather a group of your Goddess girlfriends together. One of our Goddess Playshop Facilitators will come to YOU

Make a career out of doing what you love – bringing out the Goddess in other women and helping them reach their full potential. Your own business as a Goddess Playshop Facilitator.